Brown Aluminum oxide


Brown Aluminum oxide or Aluminium oxide is one of the hardest sandblasting media available in the industry. Being an abrasive, it cuts through metals quickly. In addition, it creates very little dust, making it a safe choice when working on hard metal surfaces. When used on metal surfaces, it creates a matte-looking finish.


Brown Aluminium Oxide Features:


Hardness & Strength

Angular shape and durability

Removes contaminants, cleaning, descaling, coating, etching

Surface preparation of ferrous & non-ferrous metallic parts, painting, anodizing and powder coating.

Featured in non-skid application.


White Aluminum oxide

White Aluminium Oxide is a blasting media that is often used on products with softer coatings. It is preferred for use on surfaces that cannot come into contact with other forms of metal oxides, such as brown aluminum oxide. It is often used for microdermabrasion on metal surfaces.




Sharp & stoutness



                 Blast finishing and surface preparation.

Cleaning engine heads, valves, piston, turbine blades in aircraft and automotive industry.

Fine grinding of high carbon steel, high speed steel and stainless steel.

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