Hydraulic Adhesion Tester:

The Hydraulic Adhesion Tester is an extremely versatile gauge which can be used for many adhesion requirements. Adhesion tests can be made on flat or curved (concave and convex) surfaces.

The adhesion tester is the ideal gauge for coatings on Tanks, Pipelines, etc.

v  Hand-Powered and portable

v  Ideal for site work

v  Reusable stainless steel dollies

Digital Adhesion Tester features:

v  Maximum hold - displays the highest value reached

v  Backlit display for dark areas

v  Rubber protective casing


v  Switchable Metric/Imperial units.

 Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge

v  Automatic hydraulic pump ensures smooth and continuous pressure application for consistent, repeatable results

v  Fully adjustable pull rates 0.1-1.4MPa/s (14.5-203psi) to meet National and International Standards

v  Can be used with 10,14.2, 20 and 50mm diameter dollies

v  User definable limits with unique pressure hold and release function

v  User definable measurement range with an accuracy of ±1% of full scale:
10mm dolly: 100MPa (14400psi)
14.2mm dolly: 50MPa (7200psi)
20mm dolly: 25 MPa (3600psi)
50mm dolly: 4MPa (580psi)

v  Dust and water resistant rugged design to IP64

v  Interchangeable units: MPa, psi, Nmm2 and N